FAQ Page


What are Plant Bites? Plant Bites are energy bites blended from cold pressed pumpkin seed butter, seeds, and dates, then boosted with spirulina, pea, and hemp protein powders and flavored with superfoods. 

What is spirulina? Spirulina is a cultivated algae that is one of the oldest life forms on earth! This power food gets its green color from the component phycocyanin, which has been proven to fight free radicals and provide anti-inflammatory effects. It is made of 60% protein which is considered high quality and provides all the essential amino acids. 

What do Plant Bites taste like?  Our energy bites taste like a blended date-and-nut ball, but slightly less sweet and more delicious with the pumpkin seed butter and seeds instead of nuts. 

How and when do I eat Plant Bites? We suggest enjoying Plant Bites as a nourishing breakfast, mid-morning bite, 3pm work slump snack, or pre- and post-workout fuel. We also love them as a healthy post-dinner treat. 

How many Plant Bites are in one serving? One Plant Bite is one serving. Plant Bites are filling and nutrient-dense with protein and healthy fats so one is often enough. However, each and every one of us is different and at times our body asks for all three :) Our resealable pouch gives you the option. 

How much protein is in Plant Bites and what are its sources? Each Plant Bite has 4g plant protein. One pouch has 12g plant protein. Protein naturally occurs from raw and organic cold-pressed pumpkin seed butter, pumpkin seeds, and pea, hemp and spirulina powders.

What are the allergens in Plant Bites? Plant Bites are a nut-free and top-14 allergen free food. We don’t use any sulfur dioxide in our raw seeds and dried fruits! We do make Plant Bites on equipment that also processes nuts. 

Are Plant Bites Kosher? Yes, Plant Bites are Kosher but are not certified Kosher (yet).

Are Plant Bites Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, and Gluten-free? Yes, we use 100% Non-GMO, vegan, organic and gluten free ingredients.

Do Keetz Plant Bites contain artificial colors, “natural flavors”, stabilizers, or preservatives? No, we don’t include any artificial colors, natural flavors, stabilizers, or preservatives. We created Plant Bites because it was hard to find an energy bar or bite that was as clean as ours! 

Do Plant Bites contain sugar? Yes, we use organic dates as our sole natural sweetener, and this ingredient doubles as a natural binder. We do not use any added syrups, sugars, or artificial sweeteners. Each Plant Bite contains 4g of natural occurring sugar. (Dates are also a great source of fiber which is beneficial to healthy digestion.)

Why chill Plant Bites? We make fresh energy bites with raw, real food ingredients, and without any added chemicals or stabilizers so they taste better and stay fresher for longer when stored chilled. If you buy in bulk, we suggest stashing a few in the freezer.

What are Plant Bites shelf life? Plant Bites have a refrigerated shelf life of 7 months from the production date located on the back of each pouch. Plant Bites are tested as a shelf stable food and are great for an on-the-go snack at a cool room temperature up to 3 weeks.

Where can I buy Plant Bites in stores? Check out our locations page here.

How can I purchase Keetz Plant Bites as a wholesale order? To get set up with a wholesale account, please email hi@keetzco.com and we’ll be in touch shortly. 

Are Plant Bites safe for pregnancy? We recommend consulting with your physician before enjoying any of our products. 

Where is my package? All online orders will receive tracking information via your confirmation email. If your package hasn’t turned up, we recommend checking with your local mail carrier first. We are not responsible for packages lost by the carrier or shipped to the incorrect address.

What are the nutrition facts? All nutrition facts and ingredient lists are available on each individual product page.