I've spent the last ten years as a chef in NYC, connecting with people through food, working along side the best of the best humans, and winning a few awards along the way. Creating through cooking has always been my dream, but it wasn't until I realized the power of holistic living that I began to reach the real potential of my passion. 

In the summer of 2017, I was working as a chef, training for the NYC marathon, and studying to become a 500-hr certified yoga teacher. I desperately needed a real-food snack to keep me going, but the only options I found were loaded with unnecessary sugars, preservatives, and fake fillers. These "health" bars often left me feeling bloated and less-than-energized. 

That's when I realized I had to make my own whole, life-giving foods that were portable enough to carry while on the go. I started creating plant-based protein bites that boosted my energy, cleared my brain fog, and truly changed my life. And now, I make Plant Bites for you: to help you feel your best, most vibrant self. May they be your morning breakfast, power lunch, or late-afternoon pick me up. However, whenever, these plant snacks give you LIFE.

Katy, Founder