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Hello! Welcome our dedicated space for plant-based recipes that inspire, nourish, are mostly easy, are always delicious, and make you feel GOOD. The type of GOOD that allows you to thrive without feeling weighed down. This is why we launched Plant Bites, and why we now want to share even more delicious and plant-powered goodness with you.

Before Plant Bites, I spent years in NYC restaurant kitchens and editorial test kitchens creating my own recipes and also perfecting others. A RECIPE can be a lot of different things. Most importantly it can be a simple food idea executed without any rigid directions written on a piece of paper. Tis only the intuition of your little cooking heart to lead you the way. Look at these posts as guidelines and bursts of inspiration to live a healthier and full life. The whole point is to give you the power and confidence to cook and care for yourself and family. 

Remember it's all in the ingredients, baby. You'll find no added sugars, dairy, or processed ingredients in this space. We like to keep things as pure as possible. Your gut, skin, and mood will thank you.  

Let us know how it goes, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

x Katy


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